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Don't Lose Your Life Insurance Policy to Covid-19

Don’t Lose Your Life Insurance to Covid-19

Don’t Lose Your Life Insurance to Covid-19. If you have lost your employment, being furloughed, or otherwise “separated” from the work you had, and if you have any health issues, you need to strongly consider how to “convert” your group life insurance policy to an individual policy. Lost Your Employment due to COVID-19?  Take Action on Your Life Insurance Policy now. With everything going on during this pandemic, it is easy to let this detail get lost in the paperwork.  A failure to complete the necessary paperwork, at the right time, and pay the costs, can be a real problem down the road. Few employers explain these needs closely – they might not understand it themselves – as they are not experts in this area. But WE are – and that’s why we can help YOU. Has Your Employer Discussed Your Life Insurance Policy Coverage and Coronavirus to You? Especially […]

Accidental Death Benefits

Life Insurance Company Accidental Death Benefits

Life Insurance Company Accidental Death Benefits Double Indemnity for Accidental Death? Getting a Life Insurance Company to Pay Accidental Death Benefits Takes Double the Effort! Not that long ago, life insurance policies had a “double indemnity” clause for accidental death.  As we have written before, getting a life insurance company to pay at all can be a fight these days.  Getting a life insurance company to pay for accidental death benefits, especially on an accidental death policy, takes real expertise. When a life insurance company sells a policy of insurance requiring that the insured die in just a particular way–by accident–the life insurance company is purposeful in narrowing when it will pay.  The life insurance company focuses on people’s fears to sell the policy–that an accident can happen at anytime–and no one plans for an accident, but then makes it hard to meet the insurance company’s requirement for “an accident.” […]

Life Insurance in the Time of COVID-19

Life Insurance in the Time of COVID-19

This pandemic changes everything.  Or does it change anything?  You have questions – and we at LifeInsuranceLawyerNOW. com have answers for you regarding Life Insurance in the Time of COVID-19.  Our biggest hope is that very few people are unable to make full recoveries from this virus.  But if things get really bad, should you be worried about the life insurance company?  What will happen to your claim? The life insurance companies are generally financially strong; they have the ability to pay your claim.  Overall, most life insurance companies are in very strong financial positions.  Life insurance companies have large income streams (premiums), conservative property-type investments, and large credit lines.  Many companies have additional insurance programs, where part of a large policy is held by another insurance company, through reinsurance agreements and “treaties.” It would take a truly severe situation to threaten a life insurance company, not to mention, the […]

Life Insurance Coverage and COVID-19

If You are Having Problems Paying for Your Life Insurance Policy, or Have Fallen Behind, We Can Help Keep Your Life Insurance Coverage in Place throughout the COVID-19 period. Life Insurance Coverage and COVID-19 is an issue we can help you with! While we hope that everything is being done to protect people in this COVID-19 crisis is effective, now is not the time to lose your life insurance coverage.  We can help you keep your life insurance coverage in place during this crisis. If you unfortunately have a claim, and a life insurance company doesn’t want to pay because it says the policy was “terminated for non-payment” or late payment, or any type of payment excuse, we can help you. Life insurance policies are very special contracts.  Because a life insurance contract is a special contract, it can only be cancelled under certain circumstances. The Life Insurance Company has […]