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Accordia Life Insurance Company: Problems with Your Claim or Interpleader?

We get a lot of questions about Accordia Life Insurance Company at times. This is a large professionally run life insurance company, with many lawyers in the background. But some customers and beneficiaries have issues with Accordia, because Accordia has bought up some other life insurance companies in the last few years, and those companies had bought up other life insurance companies before. Sounds complicated, right? It certainly is. When life insurance companies have a number of mergers, the behind the scenes issues in keeping all the electronic and paper files accessible can become a real problem, too. For more on this, check our blogs on Transamerica Life Insurance Company–similar issues. What do these merger and acquisition issues have to do with you, the insured? You just want your benefits paid with delay, and certainly only to the right person–you. Our advice is that you really need to be on […]

Gypsy Travelers And Your Right to Life Insurance Claims

Special Message to the Gypsy and Travelers about Your Right to Life Insurance Claims This is an important point. Life insurance is a promise from the life insurance company, rarely called upon to perform. When a life insurance company is called, after the loss of an insured loved one, they cannot discriminate based on the religion, ethnic or national origin, or any other inherent trait of a person. Everyone deserves fair, equal treatment. We have seen life insurance companies that specifically discriminate against groups of people, especially gypsy, romanian, traveler, and other peoples who, unfortunately, and illegally, are held in low regard by some life insurance companies. Of course, this is illegal, but it is energetically done by some companies. If you are part of one of these ethnic groups, be assured that we are here to represent you, and your family, and to hold the life insurance accountable. To […]

Is It Too Late to Sue the Life Insurance Company?

Too Late to Sue the Life Insurance Company?

When Is It Too Late to Sue the Life Insurance Company? Do NOT wait to sue a life insurance company; waiting to sue an insurer will always be to their advantage and against you as a life insurance beneficiary. States have Distinct Time Limits to Sue a Life Insurance Company. To make it more complicated, there are different legal actions we sue a life insurance company for doing, and each of those actions may have a different length of time in which to sue. Have you contacted the life insurance company and told them that the insured party has passed away? Do you have the original Death Certificate? Do you have the original insurance application naming you as beneficiary? Have you filled out the insurance company policy claim form? As a policy claimant, you must have all these in order to proceed in getting your contract claim payment. If you […]

Is The Life Insurance Company Demanding Medical Records?

Is The Life Insurance Company Demanding Medical Records?

We often get calls from nice people just like you, who wonder why the life insurance company has asked for a “medical authorization” or “medical records” form to be completed after the insured family member has passed away. Why Is The Life Insurance Company Demanding Medical Records? The Life Insurance Company Medical Records Demand is about getting everything, and anything from the insured’s health care history, that the life insurance company can use against you to not pay the life insurance beneficiary claim. The Goal of the Life Insurance Company is to Rescind the Insurance Policy. A rescission will cancel the life insurance policy – as if the life insurance contract never existed at all. A rescission is a very serious matter as the life insurance company won’t pay the policy and will just refund the premiums paid.  That is not the deal that your loved one made. When there […]