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Key Person Life Insurance Policies Grow in use more than 20% in the last 5 years

Key Person Life Insurance Policies Grow in use more than 20% in the last 5 years In California, and nationwide, the purchase of high hat and key person life insurance policies is up significantly.  Why?  Many companies recognize the value of key personnel, and provide these policies either to protect the interests of the company, or as an employment incentive to the individual. We have found, unfortunately, that insurance companies place great scrutiny on these policy claims.  When a life insurance policy provides benefits of $1,000,000 or more (and $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 and above are common for these high hat and key person life insurance policies) the insurance company has special investigation teams to try to find any reason to not pay the policy.With so much at stake, and so few people actually represented by an attorney at the first sign of trouble with the insurance company, there is great […]

Life Insurance Company Claims Denial

Life Insurance Company Claims Denial You can’t believe the news: Your loved one has suddenly died.  A few weeks later, you can’t believe the news, again: the life insurance company claims denial. The life insurance company refuses to pay even the small policy benefits – $25,000 – to you and the other beneficiaries.  What kind of a life insurance company would refuse to pay a small policy, knowing the insured person is gone? The answer to a life insurance company claims denial, even a small but important policy, is based on the life insurance rescission law in California. In California, a life insurance policy is generally considered “incontestible” two years after it is issued, or the application is filled out.  Incontestible or incontestibility is a law and legal doctrine intended to provide some added certainty that a life insurance policy will be paid.Incontestibility requires that after two years, a life […]

How We Make Companies Pay on Life Insurance “Small” Policies

How We Make Companies Pay on Life Insurance “small” policies We don’t like it when a life insurance company refuses to pay on a “small” life insurance policy.  A promise is a promise, and that life insurance company promised to pay in the tragic event of the loss of a loved one.  Your loved one cared enough to get the life insurance policy, to pay for the life insurance policy, and do whatever the life insurance company requested to keep the policy active.  Life insurance “small” policies are important policies – as $25,000 can mean a huge difference to a regular family.  The point, even more than the size of the policy, is that the life insurance company made a promise – and we will hold them to pay what they promised. Too many times, a life insurance company will exaggerate or misstate information in a medical questionnaire, to make […]

California’s Special Insurance Laws and Regulations  

California’s Special Insurance Laws and Regulations   Life insurance companies are generally large corporations that sell life insurance policies in all fifty states – but these life insurance companies do not always make the effort to learn all of the requirements that each state may have regulating life insurance.  Many times, these life insurance companies are owned by large, international corporations. California, being the biggest state, also has many times more laws and regulations which control how a life insurance company can act.  Too many times, we have seen a life insurance company not really know that California has thousands of pages of the Insurance Code – laws affecting life insurance – and the Code of Regulations, and hundreds of different insurance cases from the California Courts.  The life insurance companies think that handling life insurance claims is more or less the same in these various states, even though they are […]