Two Important Points on Getting Life Insurance Claims Paid Fast

In our more than twenty years of handling California life insurance claims, two important points have been clear.  If you want to get your life insurance claim paid fast, these are two pillars to keep in mind.

First, life insurance claims can be very paperwork involved.

The forms are not easy, especially if there is any question that has been left open.  Gathering all of the names, dates, addresses, and other information can be time-consuming.  Sometimes special terms are used, or the forms are unclear.  Obtaining death certificates, and correcting an error, and having a clear certified death certificate in the fastest possible time takes administrative skills and knowledge.  Many people aren’t strong on paperwork, on details, on the specific legal requirements.  This is something that we have lots of experience in doing, understand, and have seen from the insurance company side.

The second important pillar is obvious but sometimes overlooked.  Life insurance claims come at a terrible time.

Having just lost someone important to you is not the time when you want to focus on paperwork.  You want to focus on family, on honoring your loved one’s memory, on caring for children who suffer too much in these losses.  This is not the time to start doing a process that is tougher than doing complicated taxes.  Especially if you are getting odd questions from a life insurance company, or someone else says that they may be the beneficiary, and an interpleader may be next, now is not the time for you to try to do everything.  We try to take the burden of the insurance claim off of our clients.  We will do everything, and make it as easy as possible.  Our clients always tell us of their relief, just knowing that we are working for them.  This second reason may be the most important.  This is the time to do what you have to do and have your life insurance lawyer handle your claim, and get this right.