Has Your Life Insurance Claim Been Denied?

Has Your Life Insurance Claim Been Denied?  

Insurance companies count on you giving up.  That is a big way they make money – by not paying claims. And, it’s no accident – it’s all part of their plan – to act like they care, and that they understand, and that “they’re on your side”. But then, they nicely start to ask for documentation, and before you know it, you’re buried in paperwork. 

Sadly, they count on you being too stressed by the loss of your loved one, and too intimidated by the big company letter saying that they don’t owe you, and that they’re sorry for your loss.

Too many people give up at that point.

We urge you to contact us.  We can help.  There is no charge to contact us.  There is nothing due unless we can recover for you.  We want to help, we have all the tools to get justice for you.

Have you suffered the unexpected loss of a loved one, only to have a claim for life insurance benefits delayed, or denied? 

Do you get the feeling that the life insurance company is doing everything it can to avoid paying the claim?  Has the life insurance company sent you a letter stating that they are rescinding the policy, making a rescission, or just sending back the premiums paid? Especially if your loved one had the policy for less than two years before passing away, the life insurance company can become very aggressive at seeking to avoid the policy payment.  Rescission is a favored strategy of the life insurance company, if the policy was issued less than two years before the death.

We can help.  Call LifeInsuranceLawyerNOW.com at (888) 997-4070, or (818) 937-0937, or send an email to us in the form on the side of the screen.  We are highly experienced lawyers, not paralegals, and we know this area.  We get right to it with you and the insurance company, and get many claims paid right away.  If court is necessary, we are regular Federal litigators and will push the life insurance company hard for the well being of you and your family.  We respect you, deal directly with you, and understand not only the law and facts, but what you are going through.  We are here to help.  Contact us as soon as possible, to get your claim paid faster.