Life Insurance Claims Denial How To Fight A Life Insurance Company

Fight the Life Insurance Company Before the Claims Denial

What is the difference between a big discussion and getting a person to change a “No” to a “Yes”?  It is the same as dealing with anyone. Life insurance companies are big, formal places, where lots of people have to “sign-off” on a decision, even if you aren’t talking to anyone more than the same claims adjuster.  There is a big system in the background, with managers, supervisors, vice-presidents, and lawyers. Most or all of them will be involved in a decision to deny or rescind your important life insurance policy.  Once a committee has made the decision for a “no” it is that much harder to do.  Yes, we do it, and we can get a no to yes with the right facts…but its better to avoid the “no” at all.

Many of our clients know from an early time that the life insurance company is out to avoid the paying on the policy.  They know from the delay from the life insurance company, the repeated unreasonable questions, the tone of the investigation, the request for medical authorizations, that the life insurance company is working hard against them.  That sense is too important to ignore.  Remember, it is easy for the life insurance company to pay.  All they need to do is
confirm that the loved one has passed away and the policy was paid up. Done and done.  All the investigation, all the requests, all the added time, it is all effort by the life insurance company to not pay.  They are seeking anything that they can cobble together, on their fancy stationary, to try to make you go away, unpaid.

When you have a life insurance claims denial, the life insurance company is following its “playbook” to investigate your life insurance claim, with the intention to not pay, and even to rescind the life insurance policy.  The life insurance company has done this many times before, although for you, it is certainly your first experience with this process.  Especially with employer purchased life insurance policies, ERISA policies, and high-value individual life insurance policies, there are many specialized and technical aspects of the process.

If you hire us before the life insurance company says “no” we can sometimes prevent improper items from being mis-considered by the life insurance company.  We can provide helpful and supporting information. If the life insurance company is only looking to not pay, we can give
reasons to pay.  Life insurance companies are fully represented by lawyers, even before a lawsuit is filed, and you dealing with the life insurance company without a lawyer is the way they prefer it.  Once you have the right lawyer on your side, the life insurance company will respect you more, take your claim more seriously, and know they won’t get away not paying when they really should.

If you are worried that the life insurance company is looking for a way out of paying, it is better to trust that, and get yourself a knowledgeable lawyer.  There is too much at stake.  After the life
insurance company has run through its playbook, and everyone at the life insurance company has signed off on the “no” to paying you, it takes great effort to undo all the no’s from the company.  Yes, we take cases where there has been an official “no” or a rescission, making the life insurance policy go away.  But you know that getting a discussion to work out your way is one thing, but getting someone to change their mind from a “no” to a “yes” is another.  Don’t let t

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